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Customer review and construct achievement

Customer review and construct achievement

In this page, introduce our construct achievements of cultivation unit and Triple-band LED grow light. if you have any inquiry or questions, Please do not hesitate to contact us below [Customer service]

Company A (Nara-Pref)

Company B (Shiga-Pref)

Company C (Gifu-Pref)

Company D (Ehime-Pref)

Company E (Hyogo-Pref)

Company F (Fukui-Pref)

Company G (Miyagi-Pref)

Company H

So far, we have used normal fluorescent lamps for vertical farming system, but we considered to change to LEDs to make maintenance easy and to suppress running costs. Then, after the test using normal fluorescent lamp, single-blue or single-red LED and NAA's triple wideband LED, it was revealed that NAA's LED is able to produce vegetables in good shape, good taste with slight sweetness with higher productivity compared to others LED. That was so impressing.

Company I

Fluorescent lamps have been in use for seedling production and tissue culture but we evaluated some LEDs for running cost reduction. As a result, NAA's triple wideband LED produces as much as other LEDs, and staff can work in comfortable condition because they can check how vegetables grow well under the light of LED.

Company J

Comparing NAA's triple wideband LED and other blue and red LEDs, the harvest amount was twice larger in NAA than others. Moreover, we came to receive comments from our customers that the taste of lettuce grown under the LED is sweeter than before. It is very surprising that difference of light color results in such a big difference of quality.

Company K

Our vertical farming system produces 3,000 bunches of lettuce every day with single-blue, single-red and normal fluorescent lamps. That needed more energy saving LED and we compared some LEDs from several manufacturers from the view of maintenance service.
After the test, we decided to introduce NAA's triple wideband LED for its worthy price and high productivity and taste of vegetables.

Company L

Evaluating single-red or –blue LEDs and NAA's triple wideband LED In the cultivation test, it was found that NAA's LED decreased energy costs in 30% and increased harvest in 30%, that means it is very efficient for plant growth in vertical farming system. Along with this result, introduction of 3 times larger system in our company is under consideration.

Company M

Vertical farming system of 300 bunched per day has already been in operation in our company with pseudo white LED. However, there was a big gap between the estimated energy cost in advance and the actual after operation, so we made a trial with triple wideband LED, resulting that 200% increase in harvest came true compared to the previous one, in terms of productivity by energy cost. Furthermore, we do not need additional device to install, and the installation is easy. Now, we are considering to replace to NAA's LEDs.

Company N

We can produce up to 8,000 bunches per day in our vertical farming system with fluorescent lamps, but now we are considering the replacement of LED because there is room for improvements of maintenance, operation efficiency, air-conditioning and heat emission and so on. According to test cultivation now with triple wideband LEDs, we already see 50% energy saving and 30% growth acceleration.