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About our Nagahama Factory

By our original and outstanding technology of wavelength control of HEFL lighting and hydroponic, we are making cultivation and sale of Tsuburina -A new healthy vegetable with a salty and crunchy taste - Moreover, by giving an artificial stress, we made success of increasing nutritional value.

Tsuburina has many bladder cells around those stalks. Bladder cell has the action which isolates minerals, such as salts. The bladder cells grow up through by osmotic pressure effect , and they beautifully glitter like jewels.
The existence of a big bladder cell is a proof containing many functional ingredients.
Tsuburina is said the mysterious new vegetables which produced with specific technology.

A Tsuburina factry is located in the place of about 15 minutes walk toward Lake Biwa from Nagahama Station, Hokuriku Line In Shiga Prefecture.
The plant factory is complete closure type. The total floor space is about 160 m2.

In cultivation space we are using the HEFL lights which are mixed blue wave and white wave.
In order to increase a harvest mostly, a cultivation shelf has six-step. (the height to a ceiling is 2.5 meters).

We put hygiene supervision into practice in a factory, which is like arrangement, order, cleanliness, cleaning, and upbringing.
We grow and ship Tsuburina based on standard operation manuals and quality specification.
Our works are like just manufacture rather than only cultivation.
Local production and consumption in Japan are our business foundations.