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Company Profile


Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD. is an agricultural venture company. We works developing artificial cultivation technology by using a wavelength control of a new lighting source named HEFL (Hybrid Electrode Fluorescent Lamp) and LED.
Highly controlled artificial environment and the wavelength control technology which enhances the functionality plants originally has, is the best key solution, we think.
In brief, these research and developments are our works.
In modern agriculture, food safety is essential. Moreover to improve the self-sufficiency rate is getting important. In the future, we think we have to consider again about what is high value-added urban agriculture with background such as stable food supply, environmental friendliness, training of young farmers, local production for local consumption, and enriched vegetables.
Through functional vegetable cultivation and highly controlled plant factory system, we evolve agriculture into the cosmetics and wellness business. The market demands a new natural functional material for wellness, and we can meet their expectation.
Under the economic circumstances, such as deindustrialization of manufacturing industry in Japan, it is necessary to tackle one of our goals “producing in Japan and consuming in Japan.” [NissanNissyou]
We keep doing our best to construct the future of agriculture.

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD.

Management Philosophy

We will contribute to society and the environment through artificial cultivation of plants.

Our commitments

  1. We will pursue food safety and enhance product quality.
  2. We will pursue stable food supply and price reduction.
  3. We will work for cultivation of nutritious and delicious plants.
  4. We will pursue and adopt an eco-friendly production method.
  5. We will disclose information on production methods and records.

Business activities

  • Production and sale of natural nutritional components of functional plants origin
  • Design and sale of HEFL lighting units
  • Design and sale of simplified plant cultivation units
  • Design and construction of plant factories