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HEFL Plant Cultivation System

Multi-shelf cultivation system

This system is suitable for agriculture in suburbs. The notable feature is the multi-level shelf structure based on proximity lighting.

With this system, leafy vegetables such as frillice lettuce and baby leaf lettuce can be cultivated and harvested in a planned manner in various types of chambers including empty warehouses, vacant buildings and basement rooms.
(A Class 100,000 cultivation room, air conditioning equipment and CO2 controller are required separately.)

  • * For a system with dimensions of 8,000(L) x 1,720(D) x 3,000-3,500(H) (mm), the nutrient solution tanks are installed underground.
  • * HEFL lighting: 128 units of 100V / 80-90W
  • * In addition to this system, a germination unit with pans on 4 shelves (with 3 HEFL lighting units of 70-80W) is required.

  • * Vegetables can be cultivated in a 20-foot or 40-foot container.
  • * Vacant lots and idle fields can be used effectively.
  • * Nutrient solution tanks, air conditioning equipment and CO2 controller are required separately.