Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD considers protection of the personal information of customers to be our social responsibility and thoroughly protects and manages customer information based on the Policy outlined below:

1.Compliance with law

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD will comply with laws on the protection of personal information, the obligations specified in the guidelines stipulated by the responsible government minister, and this Policy when handling personal information (personally identifiable information).

2.Collection of personal information

When personal information is collected, we will inform the individual of the purpose and scope of use and the contact information of our company.

3.Scope of use of personal information

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD will use personal information for the purpose clearly stated at the point of collection. We will use the results of compilation and statistical processing (not including personal information) as strategic data.
Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD may record the personal information obtained from individuals at the time of making an inquiry. We will use the collected information only for the purpose of enabling smooth response to the request of the individual.

4.Safe management of personal information

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD will make an effort to keep the collected personal information accurate and up to date. We will also take proper security measures for the collected personal information to prevent unauthorized access, loss, destruction, alteration, leakage, etc.
When necessary, we will immediately take corrective measures.

5.Supply to third parties

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD will not disclose personal information to any third parties except when the individual gives express consent otherwise at the point of collection, when we need to provide the information to our subcontractor, or when required otherwise by law.

6.Response to Information disclosure requests, complaints, etc.

When an individual wishes to disclose, correct, or erase his/her personal information, Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD will immediately respond upon confirmation of the individual’s identity. Please send inquiries and complaints to the contact to which you provided your personal information.

7.Continuous improvement

Nihon Advanced Agri CO., LTD will continuously improve its system for proper handling of collected personal information through development of the management method, education of personnel, and other measures, such as review of this Policy.

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