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AGRI's Happy Healthy Teaしあわせ健康茶

Agri's Happy Healthy Teas are made from the herbs grown with no pesticides.


BUTTERFLY PEA TEA < 100% Herbal Tea >

Ayurvedic magical herb with the indigo blue flowers

  • Vivid natured blue color is rare in food, and its color turns into the deep indigo by extracting time.
  • Traditional herb in Indian preventive medicine Ayurveda
  • Abundant "Ternatin", a kind of anthocyanin
  • It changes the color magically by the acid like as a lemon.

HOLY BASIL TEA < 100% Herbal Tea >

Maintenance of body and stress relief

  • Principal herb in Indian traditional preventive-medicine Ayurveda
  • "The sacred elixir of life"
  • Abundant triterpene like Oleanolic acid and Ursolic acid
  • Some evidences showing inhibitory effect of sugar and lipid absorption

HIBISCUS TEA < 100% Herbal Tea >

"Herbal Tea of Beauty" loved by Cleopatra

  • Abundant anthocyanin same as antioxidants in red wines
  • Abundant Vitamin C for your beauty
  • Lots of minerals like potassium for the detoxication
  • Fresh sour taste like lemon, and the additional soda and honey gives you the pleasant taste in summer.

MULBERRY TEA < 100% Herbal Tea >

For sugar- and oil-rich diet

  • Containing unique compounds "DNJ*1" and "Q3MG*2"
  • Improvement for circulation inside body and sugar metabolism
  • Tasty and easy to drink as Japanese green tea
  • Lots of healthy components

*1 DNJ (1-deoxynojirimycin) is effective to suppress sugar absorption on small intestine.

*2 Q3MG (quercetin 3-(6-malonylglucoside)) is an antioxidative compound effective to suppress arteriosclerosis, found by the Faculty of Medicine, Shimane university and Shimane prefecture.


ICE PLANT TEA < Blended with Hoji-tea >

Improve the sugar metabolism for your healthy life.

  • The same origin with the cactus in Africa.
  • It has a strong vitality surviving in the extremely harsh environment.
  • Containing abundant vitamins and minerals
  • Containing lots of "Pinitol" which is expected to maintain blood sugar level
  • Easy to drink by blending with Japanese "Karigane" hoji-tea

ROSEMARY TEA < Blended with Hoji-tea >

The prevention of your memory-loss and the keeping-up your motivation with your health life.

  • Popular herb with the fresh flavor originating around Mediterranean sea
  • Strong anti-oxidative behavior
  • There is a famous anecdotage that the old Hungarian queen over 70 years old has been asked to marry by a young prince with drinking the rosemary water
  • "Carnosic acid" is for anti-aging and the prevention of your memory-loss.
  • Easy to drink by blending with Japanese "Karigane" hoji-tea