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We are responsible for the safety of herbs.
In Japan and Laos, the herbs are growing without any pesticides nor chemical fertilizers for safety and wellness of herbs, avoiding use of the river water in case it is polluted.
We confirm the growth of herbs by our eyes,accelerate their potential power, and try safe production.

Farm in Japan


We have an experimental farm on the top of a hill in the northern part of Shiga. Using the rain-water and the groundwater, herbs are under the test cultivation without any pesticides nor chemical fertilizers.

Depending on their preference of temperature, water, time, we are making trials and errors to bring out their further potentials.

Farm in Laos


Laos is located in the center of south east Asia, surrounded by China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Burma. They have a great potential for agriculture with vast fertile lands, clean water and lots of medicinal local plants.

We have partner farmers supervised by Clean Agriculture Development Center, a center in charge of spreading organic farming in Laos under Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Moreover, we carefully select local varieties of herbs in collaboration with Institute of Traditional Medicine under Ministry of Health.

Furthermore, we are supported by internationally certified organic farms like USDA, IFOAM, ACT to provide herbs in high quality.