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Scientific evidences of Lao herbs are compiled in cooperation with the academias.

The Holy basil is promising for relaxation in daytime and good sleep at night

Norio ISHIDA (Professor, Doctor of Medicine) Norio ISHIDA (Professor, Doctor of Medicine)
Foundation for Advancement of International Science Institute of Chronobiology
Director General

Investigating the relationship between sleep duration of the experimental fly (Drosophila Photoreceptors) and holy basil, it was found that the duration was the longest both in daytime and at night when they were fed holy basil 1% mixed with the feed, and the efficiency was significantly higher than Kamiki hito which is used as Kampo medicine for good sleep.
As a result, holy basil might be a good material of nutraceutical food for relaxation in daytime and for good sleep at night.


<Sleeping duration of Drosophila Photoreceptors and concentration of holy basil mixed with their feed.>

Holy basil is expected to suppress lipid absorption.

Tomoyuki KOYAMA (Associate Professor, Doctor of Medicine)
Laboratory of Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods Science,
Tokyo University of Graduate School of Marine Science and Technology

Investigating inhibition activity of lipase, which degrades and absorbs lipids, among hot water extracts of over 10 Lao herbs, holy basil has the strongest activity to inhibit lipase. It is expected that holy basil is effective to suppress lipid absorption, for example, in the form of tea.