What is new lighting source HEFL?

Nihon Advanced Agri. Corp. has developed Hybrid Electrode Fluorescent Lamp (HEFL) which improved a backlight lamp for LCD TVs, also been developing vegetable farming lighting unit using HEFL.

Characteristics of this lighting unit are as follows,

  1. Thinner lighting unit. This increases no. of level on multi level hydroponics.
    (8 levels in 2.7m height with liquid fertilizer tank on bottom for 22cm vegetable height)
  2. Adopting the special formed reflector supplies adequate lighting energy (200-250 PPF) with less electricity consumption.
    (Improved 23% less electricity and 30% more brightness from previous one)
  3. Lighting unit has uniformed optical energy on the level.
  4. Low surface temperature enables closer lighting to vegetable. Also this reduces air-conditioning fee.
  5. A life of HEFL is 3 times longer than ordinary fluorescent lamp’s life.
  6. Tube length is available from 450mm to 1200mm. Design to meet customer requirement.
    ( Achievement: 450PPF with 220W at 30cm in distance )
  7. Has required light wavelength for vegetable growth ( Acceptable for specific requirement)
Ref :
PPF:Photosynthetic Photon Flux
Leaf vegetables require 150 PPF, fruits require 300PPF for growing generally.

Characteristics of optical wavelength for HEFL

Regarding a vegetable growth, blue wavelength helps good stem forming and red wavelength increase photosynthesis performance. HEFL contains required wavelength for vegetable growth.


Available Tube Colors (K :Kelvin )

(None green):
610nm, 660nm

Tube length


Color of HEFL (Example)

  • White :  6500K

    White : 6500K

  • Blue : 440-450nm

    Blue : 440-450nm

  • Red : 610nm

    Red : 610nm

Vegetable factory using HEFL lighting units

1.High Productivity

Low heating characteristic of HEFL makes possible uniform optical energy and closer lighting to vegetable, and more shelf on a limited space. Also an adjusting lighting height to vegetable following its growth is adopted.

Specially designed reflector

2.High efficient down lighting design of HEFL unit

Specially designed reflector can supply adequate optical energy (200-250PPF) under the HEFL lighting unit.

Specially designed reflector

3.Strict hygiene control without agricultural chemicals

A hydroponics farming in a closed hygiene environment does not require agricultural chemical. No soil contamination and no chemicals from outside are realized.

4.Scheduled production

The farming in environment controlled factory realizes a scheduled production without an influence of weather condition. Also it is possible to produce high nutritious vegetables with high yield by controlling farming conditions and liquid plant fertilizer.

Hydroponics farming of Strawberry

5.Growth of strawberry or other seedling all year around

Growing of strawberry or seedling require 250-300 PPF lighting. HEFL lighting makes possible to grow strawberry and seedling of tomato stably all year around.

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・New Agriculture is createdhttp://www.biwa.ne.jp/~tsujiko/ (Japanese only)
・Mama’s farmhttp://mama-farm.jp (Japanese only)
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